A Few Words About Us

Blue Sparrow Crew Members

We at Blue Sparrow Lawn & Landscape are a dedicated team based in the Northland supplying premier commercial grounds maintenance to the Kansas City Metro. Over the last two years we have implemented new processes that will revolutionize the Grounds Maintenance Industry. After partnering with tech giant L.M.N. (Landscape Management Network) we have implemented technology that allows property managers a real time customer portal that eliminates and surpasses the lack of communication of the industry’s past. Now property managers will have time stamped photos, color coded services completed notifications as well as a services calendar right at their fingertips at all times. Bridge the communication gap and work with the leaders in the industry. 

person weeding in a hat
person planting seeds

Proud Members of the National Association of Landscape Professionals

We are proud to be members of the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP). The Association is the national trade association representing nearly 100,000 landscape industry professionals in the United States, Canada, and overseas. Companies that specialize in lawn care, landscape design and installation, landscape maintenance, tree care, irrigation and water management, and interior plant-scaping make up their membership. It is through this membership that the professionals at Blue Sparrow have been able to educate and train, increasing their skills and professionalism through certification and accreditation.